MPlayer for maemo


A package of MPlayer (a popular video player for linux) for Nokia Internet Tablets. MPlayer currently provides the best quality of mpeg4/divx/xvid video playback for Nokia 770 / N800 and supports many codecs and multimedia file formats. A simple GUI frontend is also included in maemo package, which shows videos found on your memory card in a list and allows to easily select any of them to play.

MPlayer is a selfcontained and nonintrusive package which is easy and safe to install, it does not try to integrate into Nokia 770/N800 gstreamer stack and is highly unlikely to mess up your system.

Current limitations:

The latest stable version of MPlayer can be installed using single click installer: mplayer.install

Alternatively you can download .deb packages from garage project page and install them manually using application manager. The packages from garage project page are the most recent, have more new features and optimizations, but are usually less tested. Also garage download page lists a number of older packages, so in the case of any problems, you can downgrade to the version which worked better for you.


Many small resolution and low bitrate videos will work good enough even without conversion, so you can just copy them to your memory card without any extra praparation steps. But if you want to watch a high resolution or DVD video, conversion is unavoidable. You can convert video with Media Converter (if you prefer GUI interface) or script (if you prefer using command line tools). Both of these tools support presets optimized for MPlayer, be sure to use them when converting video. 

After you have your videos on memory card, you can run MPlayer GUI from the start menu on Nokia 770 and select any video to play.

You can control video playback using hardware keys and all the most important actions are mapped to them (seek forward/backward, volume control, pause/resume, fullscreen/windowed mode, exit). Some more advanced settings can be changed at runtime in OSD menu which is activated with 'menu' hardware key.

Advanced users can run MPlayer from XTerminal and use lots of command line options to tweak MPlayer behaviour. These options are described in MPlayer documentation (maemo port also adds some extensions to the standard options). It is possible to save your preferred options in /home/user/.mplayer/config file in order not to type them in the command line every time. One example of such useful options may be subtitles charset if you need to change it from default utf-8 ('subcp' option). These options are also used when MPlayer is run from GUI, so you can tune it using this configuration file as you wish.

Somebody uploaded a short video featuring MPlayer on Nokia 770 to, so you can check what it looks like:

Support and useful links

Discussion about MPlayer in the Internet Tablet Talk forum:

Please report all bugs at the garage tracker, doing so ensures that they will not be forgotten and will be fixed eventually.  If unsure, ask for additional information in the forum.