MPlayer for maemo

The list of maemo specific mplayer options.

Options that are described below are maemo extensions which are available in addition to the standard mplayer options. You rarely need to change anything, as the best set of options is already used by default (check /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf file on your Nokia 770 device after installing MPlayer if you want to verify default configuration).

Audio options.

-ao gst -ac dspmp3

Use a special gstreamer sound output module (it is kind of hack, but it works). It is capable of using DSP core for decoding MP3 audio, so using it you can play higher bitrate movies as ARM core is responsible for video only and does not need to take care of the sound.

Video options.

-vo nokia770

This is the video driver specifically developed for Nokia 770. It uses direct framebuffer access to benefit from hardware accelerated YUV colorspace support. In addition, it initializes X11 window and handles keyboard input for providing some control and interaction with the user. Sometimes this X11 code may be not desirable (for example if MPlayer is used in slave mode and all the interaction with the user is provided by some other application), so it can be turned off by using fb_overlay_only suboption. So if you run MPlayer with -vo nokia770:fb_overlay_only then MPlayer will just draw video directly on the screen into some rectangular area. Reserving this rectangular area is the responsibility of the client application. The boundaries of this rectangular area can be set in the command line using x, y, w and h suboptions. For example running mplayer with -vo nokia770:fb_overlay_only:x=174:y=60:w=600:h=360 will make mplayer use the same screen area as is used by the standard built-in Nokia 770 video player in windowed mode.

Deprecated options (not recommended and are available for reference only).

-vo x11

Use X11 for graphics output. While this video output driver is available in upstream MPlayer, it contains some modifications for better usability on Nokia 770. This output driver automatically uses hardware pixel doubling supported by Nokia 770 graphics controller when after scaling video twice it still fits screen. So if your video is 400x240 or smaller, hardware pixel doubling will be used. If your video has height less than 240 pixels, it will be still smaller than the screen and you will see black borders around the picture, you can observe this effect with the Discovery.avi video clip included in Nokia 770 distribution by default. So X11 output module is usable for playing video which fits screen perfectly after doubling (it is 320x240 for 4:3 video and 400x240 for wide format video that is intended to use all screen space).  In order to restrict the use of this driver for perfectly suitable resolutions only, it has a suboption -vo x11:fit_unscaled which forces this driver to refuse accepting any resolutions which would not fit screen precisely after doubling (this allows to fallback to a different driver). Currently this video output driver is deprecated and you should use -vo nokia770 instead.

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